Corners & T-Joint Covers - TPO

Ideal for installing both inside and outside corners on all Henry TPO roofing systems

Corners & T-Joint Covers - TPO

Corners & T-Joint Covers - TPO

Henry® Corners & T-Joint Covers are a 60-mil-thick, uncured EPDM Flashing laminated to 30-mil-thick fully cured, pressure-sensitive adhesive provides 90 mils of total thickness. Corners & T-Joint Covers are ideal for installing both inside and outside corners on Henry TPO Fully Adhered Roofing System. They can also be used as T-Joint Covers at field splice intersections or at horizontal to vertical transitions of field splices.

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-cut flashing increases installation speed by eliminating cutting time and reducing adhesive application requirements
  • Cleaner appearance as all Corners & T-Joint Covers are pre-cut to the same size


  • 4 flashings per carton

Size available

  • 7" x 9" (180 mm x 230 mm)

Color available

  • White

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