Moistop neXT®

Ultra-high performance flashing that can withstand extreme weather conditions

Moistop neXT®

Moistop® neXT is a mechanically attached flashing solution engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions and the resulting risk of water and moisture vapor intrusion. Comprised of two layers of polyolefin film plus a durable fiberglass core, it is tear resistant and retains its shape even in heavy winds. It can be used on all types of windows and doors, including wood, vinyl and aluminum casing doors.

When used as part of the Henry® 1-2-3 Moisture Control System™, Moistop neXT is backed by an industry-leading 15-year warranty. Repairs are covered for both materials and labor with a single point of contact.


  • Engineered to resist tears and rips even in extreme weather conditions
  • Provides water resistance up to 150 hours
  • Mold resistance per ASTM G21


  • Roll Length: 200'
  • Roll Widths: 6", 9", 12"

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