Blueskin® WB

A membrane specifically designed to be self-adhered to a prepared substrate.

Blueskin<sup>®</sup> WB

Blueskin® WB

Window and Door Flashing

Blueskin WB Window and Door Flashing is a self-adhering membrane consisting of an SBS rubberized asphalt compound, which is integrally laminated to a blue-engineered film. The membrane is specifically designed to be self-adhered to a prepared substrate.


  • SBS modified membrane can be applied in temperatures as low as -12ºC
  • Excellent adhesion to prepared substrates of concrete, concrete block, primed steel, aluminum mill finish, anodized aluminum, galvanized metal, gypsum board and plywood
  • Impermeable to air, moisture vapor and water
  • Easy to install peel and stick application, no flame required
  • Thickness controlled at point of manufacture
  • Membrane is self-sealing when penetrated with self-tapping screws or nails


  • Thickness - 35 mils
  • Roll length - 50 ft
  • Roll width - 36", 18", 12", 9", 6" and 4"


  • Installation and Technical Literature

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  • Architectural Details

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