Blueskin® RF200 Ice & Water Barrier

An SBS modified bitumen roofing membrane underlayment

Blueskin<sup>®</sup> RF200 Ice & Water Barrier

Blueskin® RF200 Ice & Water Barrier

Henry® Blueskin® RF200 is a self-adhered rubberized waterproof roofing membrane underlayment for use on sloped roof surfaces as a secondary seal under shingles, cedar shakes, and some architectural metal and tiles. It's an SBS-modified bitumen roofing membrane underlayment reinforced with a superior skid-resistant polyolefin surface film.


  • Self-seals around nails and fasteners for lasting watertightness
  • Fully adhered system prevents lateral moisture migration
  • Premium skid-resistant textured blue film surface
  • Split-back release liner for easier handling and faster application

Sizes available

195 sq. ft. (3 feet wide x 65 linear feet)


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