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July 2020

Making a sill pan has never been easier, or more affordable

For today’s WRB-wrapped residential and commercial structures, guarding rough window openings against water and air leakage is essential. Preformed sill pans and rigid pieces offer an effective way to get the job done, but they can be a bit expensive.

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May 2020

Decks – playing a more popular roll as we start to get used to the “new normal”

As many people look forward to the new normal, many will turn to outdoor entertaining as a means of enjoying friends and family while allowing for social distancing. Undoubtedly, decks will serve as a primary entertaining space across the country. According to the National Association of Home Builders, decks continue to be specified in nearly one-quarter of new homes built. Decks also continue to rank among the most popular DIY construction efforts for existing homes.

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May 2020

Henry® Blueskin® VP100 helps homes meet 2012, 2015 and 2018 IECC Code Changes

Henry Blueskin VP100 addresses requirements of 2012, 2015 and 2018 IECC code adoptions. Continuous air barriers support the overall building envelope performance and comply with impending code changes, while Blueskin VP100 addresses important installation efficiencies where traditional house wraps fall short.

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August 2019

Dependable window flashing. Essential for blocking moisture.

The US has just experienced its wettest year on record, an inconvenient fact for homes and buildings vulnerable to moisture. Improperly flashed windows can quickly become one of the most vulnerable points in any structure, allowing mold and rot to intrude and take hold.

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July 2019

An under-deck inspection may bring surprises

Summertime is the season for decks, but a deck is only as dependable as the planning that went into it. If proper measures weren’t taken in the construction phase, a deck’s composite surface may look perfect, while a far more troublesome scenario potentially brews in the lumber beneath.

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May 2019

Keeping water out with dependable flashing

When rain or other moisture skids down the building envelope, it will find any available access―even a tiny hole―that will let it infiltrate the wall cavity. More often than not, this vulnerability is found at the window or door frame. Once moisture seeps inside, the area around the wall becomes fertile ground for rot and mold growth. Bad for the wall...and bad for any humans who live or work near it.

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