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August 2022

Moisture Management Strategies: The Four Ds

The most important role of the building enclosure is to manage the migration of moisture. We believe when you have the right guidance, you’ll only ever have to do a job once. There are many problems associated with moisture including mold and rot, corrosion and degradation, and leakage and staining. Unfortunately, these problems can be detrimental, as they can affect the durability, appearance, and functioning of the building as well as the health of the building’s occupants.

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March 2022

Blueskin® VP100 Declared “Red List Free” by the International Living Future Institute

By enabling an effective building envelope, Blueskin® VP100 makes residential and light commercial structures more energy efficient. But it’s not the only way this self-adhered air barrier makes buildings more sustainable.

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October 2021

A Quick Guide to Codes

For code officials and people like specifiers, the language of codes is familiar and comfortable.  For the rest of us, it can seem a bit overwhelming, so we put together an overview of some of the basic codes and test requirements you might encounter regarding the weatherization of residential and light commercial structures.

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July 2021

Window and Door Flashing Best Practices

Windows represent one of the most vulnerable locations in the building envelope and the most common source of leaks. Window and door flashings are designed to eliminate the risk of leaks and mold—which will also reduce your risk of call-backs.

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June 2021

Mixing and matching weatherization materials can cause sticky situations

With the industry’s push to establish more moisture-resistant building envelopes, today’s builder has a wide range of water-resistant barriers, sealants, adhesives, and building tapes from which to choose. Our advice? Choose wisely and read the guidelines, as chemical incompatibility between materials can lead to catastrophic product failures. Here’s a quick look at what to watch out for:

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May 2021

WRBs: Getting Beyond the Basics

Although exterior cladding (siding, stucco, etc.) will never be 100% impermeable, the role of the WRB is to provide a second layer of protection that keeps the wall assembly dry and free from moisture damage should some water find its way through.

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