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May 2024

Navigating the Path to Zero Energy Ready Home Certification: A Comprehensive Guide for Builders

To meet rising demand for sustainable and energy-efficient homes, builders and contractors face the challenge of navigating complex certification processes, such as the Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) certification. This guide offers a roadmap to achieving ZERH certification.

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January 2024

ENERGY STAR 3.2 – What Builders Need to Know

The EPA recently rolled out Version 3.2 of the ENERGY STAR Single-Family New Homes program. The updates are to ensure that certified homes will keep delivering meaningful energy savings vs. non-certified homes in states that adopt the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

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December 2023

Building Above Code Carries Big Benefits

In today’s residential new home construction market, more buyers are environmentally aware and expect their new home to be energy efficient. Recent industry surveys show that 79% of home buyers want ENERGY STAR® ratings for the entire home, and that 95% will ask, and are willing to pay for energy-efficient upgrades.

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August 2023

Helping Homeowners Tap into the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit

The Inflation Reduction Act primarily addresses climate change. However, it presents significant opportunities for homeowners and remodeling contractors through the Energy Efficient Improvement Credit.

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May 2023

The Inflation Reduction Act: An Opportunity for Home Improvement

The Inflation Reduction Act is the largest bill in U.S. history focused on combating climate change. More than $300 billion will be invested in energy and climate reform through energy tax incentives, investments in clean energy production, and tax credits aimed at reducing carbon emissions. Beginning January 1, 2023, homeowners can take advantage of energy tax incentives thanks to the extended and expanded 25C tax credit, renamed the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit. Key changes are outlined below.

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March 2023

Building Envelope Pre-Construction Meeting

When homeowners make the decision to re-side their homes, they’ll likely look to their contractor as a trusted expert to help them realize their project goal: create a beautiful, better-protected, more energy-efficient home. It’s no small undertaking. Expectations are high and getting the project right the first time will be important to your business and reputation. To prepare for customer consultations, keep in mind these common questions you might receive.

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