Meeting the Challenge in a Challenging Environment

Meeting the Challenge in a Challenging Environment

The Situation

Years in planning and permitting, an incredible 9,000 sq. ft. home stands nestled between the coastal dunes and Montaña de Oro State Park, along a wind-swept portion of the California coastline. “The homesite sits in a very eco-sensitive location in close proximity to two endangered species. The permitting process took several years, and the company worked closely with a biologist to prevent habitat damage during construction”, said Chris Isler of CRI and Associates General Contracting, building contractor on the project.

The sleek, contemporary design of the structure made transition details extremely important; Isler wanted to be sure that these vulnerable points were reliably weather-tight, with zero tolerance for error. The environmental challenge to the home would be fierce with high winds, salt air, and wind-driven rain.

The Solution

The Henry® 1-2-3 Moisture Control Systemprovided everything required for protection against the elements in this wind-prone area. Isler notes that “The Blueskin® VP100 became the critical element in our weatherization plan. Because it is self-adhesive, we know it will seal out water and also make the home more energy efficient by preventing air leaks.” His team selected the Henry system because it is fully compatible and allows them to customize elements to the needs of multiple structural components.

Air-Bloc LF® Liquid-Applied Flashing enabled the construction team to “embed” windows for high-performance protection from leaks, as it smoothed out slight irregularities in rough openings to achieve a perfect, water-tight fit around headers, jambs, and sills and the use of Moistop® Sealant made for integral door pans.

FortiFlash® window and door flashing added an additional layer of protection. Isler sums it up, “This is really a high-performance building envelope, not just a single product that deters water.”

The Results

The true test of this Henry weatherization system came when a “storm of the century” hit—9 inches of wind-driven rain fell in the span of two days—and Isler reports that the system held tight.

Project Details

Building/project name:

Custom Coastal Home



Building location:

San Luis Obispo, California

General contractor:

CRI and Associates General Contracting

Product Details:

Blueskin® VP100
Air-Bloc® LF Liquid-Applied Flashing
Moistop® Sealant
Super Jumbo Tex® 60 min
Blueskin WP200
Aquatac Primer
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