Henry<sup>®</sup> Prodeq<sup>™</sup> System waterproofs public school roof

Henry® Prodeq System waterproofs public school roof

Henry® System

Prodeq Waterproofing System

Key Features

  • Innovative, instant-setting waterproofing system for plaza decks, roofs, green roofs, split slabs and terraces
  • Durable, robust membrane can withstand traffic from other trades and construction vehicles
  • Fast installation speeds up the construction schedule
  • Can be laid to zero pitch and constantly immersed in water
  • Simple detailing
  • No laps, seams, welds or termination bars
  • No protection board or root barrier needed
  • No noxious odor
  • VOC compliant

Project Details

Client - Bayonne Public School Authority
Job Size - 40,000 sq. ft.
Architect - MZA
Installer - Gem Roofing and Construction
Year - 2005

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Project Details

Building/project name:

Bayonne, New Jersey



Building location:

Bayonne, New Jersey

Project size:

40,000 sq. ft.



General contractor:

Gem Roofing and Construction

Product Details:

Henry® Prodeq™ System
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