Henry<sup>®</sup> helps assisted living facilities meet regulatory and budget requirements

Henry® helps assisted living facilities meet regulatory and budget requirements

The Situation

Planning and building any multifamily project is a challenge, but an assisted living facility is especially complex. Just ask Nick Smith, Senior Project Manager for PDG Construction Services. “A facility must meet all local regulations for senior or assisted living,” says Smith, “and there are rules or regulations for everything, from air exchanges, to general accessibility, to tiny details like location of the handle on the toilet.”

Smith regularly works with Marquis Companies, an Oregon-based firm specializing in large senior living facilities. His biggest challenge is helping Marquis complete a project while meeting all regulatory and budget requirements. For the Marquis Eugene – an 11-acre campus community with assisted living, memory care, independent living cottages, and a community center – Smith chose a complete weatherization system from Henry.

The Solution

Smith and PDG had used Henry weatherization products for previous Marquis projects with great success, avoiding the pitfalls that can come from using different manufacturers’ products. “Mixing and matching products from multiple manufacturers rarely has a good outcome,” explains Smith. Instead, he prefers to work with a single-source manufacturer like Henry that offers a range of fully compatible and warrantied weatherization products. Smith also praises Henry’s pre-installation training, since “an integrated system with proper training protects everyone from future problems and call-backs.”

The Results

Most Marquis projects take about two years to complete. The Henry weatherization system and customizable product offering is helping Marquis Eugene meet that timeline. Equally important, PDG will enjoy the protection that comes with Henry’s industry-leading warranty for many years to come.

Project Details

Building/project name:

The Marquis Eugene



Building location:

Eugene, Oregon

General contractor:

PDG Construction Services

Product Details:

WeatherSmart® Commercial
Moistop® Corner Shield
Moistop PF®
downloadHenry® helps assisted living facilities meet regulatory and budget requirements