Henry<sup>®</sup> Acrylic Roof Coating System Helps Retirement Community Slash Costs

Henry® Acrylic Roof Coating System Helps Retirement Community Slash Costs

The Situation

Friendship Village is a continuing care retirement community consisting of apartment- and casita-style living. As a not-for-profit operation, Friendship Village needed a cost-effective roof restoration solution for its on-site health care center.

After a local contractor submitted a bid in excess of $200,000 to install a single-ply TPO membrane on the two buildings, Friendship Village looked to Henry® for a much more affordable solution – one that the community’s maintenance team could install on its own to help save money.

The Solution

Following a careful assessment of the existing 80,000 square-foot roof, Henry® proposed a roof restoration solution that would fit the community’s roofing requirements and its budget – a Henry® acrylic roof coating system. To help the Friendship Village maintenance team achieve professional results, Henry® provided field training and support throughout the installation process.

The Results

By applying the Henry® acrylic roof coating system with its own maintenance team, Friendship Village was able to save approximately $150,000 vs. the contractor-installed single-ply TPO membrane. The health care center’s facilities were also spared the noise and disruption associated with a TPO membrane installation.Looking ahead, this roof restoration can deliver an energy savings of up to $10,800 annually*. Friendship Village plans to keep installing Henry® acrylic roof coating systems over the next decade, eventually restoring the roughly 800,000 square feet of roofing throughout the 48-acre property for a substantial long-term savings.

* Savings calculations are based on a 80,000 square foot building in Phoenix, AZ vs. the existing white granulated cap sheet roof using the DOE Cool Roof Calculator, developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Version 1.2). Savings calculations are hypothetical and based on DOE Cool Roof Calculator modeling only. Your energy savings may vary.

Project Details

Building/project name:

Friendship Village



Building location:

Tempe, Arizona

Product Details:

Commercial Roof Restoration Systems - Restoration vs Replacement
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