Synko-Flex Solvent Based Primer

Penetrates concrete pores and seals concrete surfaces

Synko-Flex Solvent Based Primer

Synko-Flex® Solvent Based Primer

Synko-Flex® Solvent Based Primer penetrates concrete pores and seals concrete surfaces to provide an optimal surface for the adhesion and bonding of Synko-Flex®, Hydro-Flex® Waterstops and Ram-Nek® Concrete Joint Sealant Products. Formulated with a solution of select asphalt base in a petroleum solvent, Synko-Flex® Solvent Based Primer is for exterior use only.


  • Applies easily by brush
  • Readily penetrates concrete pores and surfaces
  • Covers approximately 200 lineal feet per gallon


  • Available in one-gallon (8.5 lb) jugs

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