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Henry offers a complete portfolio of waterproofing system solutions to meet virtually any application and project need. With solutions for foundations, plaza decks, and green roofs as well as vehicular and pedestrian traffic coatings, Henry offers high performing and cost effective systems designed to prevent water infiltration through the commercial building envelope.

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Our complete portfolio of waterproofing solutions

Blindside waterproofing is the foundation waterproofing method of choice whenever excavation past the foundation walls isn’t possible. To help educate you on the key challenges of blindside waterproofing, view this Blindside Waterproofing 101 guide.

Blindside weak spots are usually found at the transitions between slabs, shoring walls, plaza decks, or wherever the foundation waterproofing membrane meets the building envelope. Check out this white paper for more details.

Designed to form a seamless, monolithic fully bonded membrane, hot and cold fluid applied waterproofing systems have their pros and cons, depending on the project. This guide outlines key considerations to help you choose the optimal fluid applied system for your next project.


This video offers a quick overview of the Henry waterproofing membrane options, from hot applied to cold fluid applied membranes.

This video provide an overview of how to install the Henry Pumadeq Waterproofing system.

This video provides an overview of the installation steps associated with the Henry Dundeq Traffic Coating System.

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From energy savings to enhanced tenant experiences to higher property values, green roofs offer several benefits that are driving their adoption.

When it comes to blindside waterproofing, there is only one chance to get it right, and following the considerations outlined here can help you avoid trouble areas in the future.

Three Henry waterproofing systems have been awarded the “Red List Free” label by the International Living Future Institute™ (ILFI), a non-profit group that promotes eco-friendly building standards.

Case Studies

Henry Green Roof System enables University of Miami to install vegetated roofs along hurricane superhighway

Henry Pumadeq Systems helps get drivelane open and crane on-site ASAP to keep project on schedule

Henry 790-11 Hot Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing Membrane is keeping Mount Rushmore’s Visitor Center dry

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