Blueskin® Metal Clad® LT

Self-Adhered water resistive air barrier

Blueskin<sup>®</sup> Metal Clad<sup>®</sup> LT

Blueskin® Metal Clad® LT

Low temp, self-adhered water resistive air barrier

Henry® Blueskin® Metal Clad® LT is a self-adhered water resistive air barrier membrane comprised of rubberized asphalt and dual layers of high strength polyethylene with surface layer of metallic aluminum film. The LT “low temperature” designation means this product is made with extra tacky rubberized asphalt to facilitate cold-weather installation. Due to its metallic surfacing, Blueskin Metal Clad LT exhibits excellent weathering and burn resistance when applied to above-grade wall assemblies. The thick layer of tacky rubberized asphalt provides a durable bond over substrates and laps while it seals around common types of penetrating fasteners. This vapor impermeable membrane is available in various roll widths for both membrane and flashing applications and has a removable release liner for ease of installation.


  • Low temperature application down to 15°F (-9.4°C), without warming product or priming laps
  • Can be left exposed for up to 12 months during construction
  • Aluminum surfacing offers ideal substrate for adhesion of construction sealants
  • High tensile, tear and puncture strength facer resists damage during construction
  • Stiffer facer compared to standard poly facilitates installation
  • Brand imprint on facer provides easy product ID and reduces reflectivity
  • Printed lap lines and asphalt selvedge on both sides of 36” size facilitate tight laps
  • Ideal for use in Henry air barrier systems exposed for 6 to 12 months
  • Compliant in various NFPA 285 wall assemblies
  • Vertical and lateral flame propagation; meets NFPA 285 Exception #2 per ASTM E1354 and ASTM E84

Packaging options

  • Thickness - 40 mils
  • 9” x 100’ (22.8 cm x 30.5m), 2 per box
  • 12” x 100’ (30.5 cm x 30.5m), 2 per box
  • 36” x 75’ (91.4 cm x 22.9 m), 1 per box

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  • Installation and Technical Literature

    Blueskin® Metal Clad® LT Data Sheet Click to download  

    Blueskin Metal Clad LT Product Certification Click to download  

  • Specifications

    Blueskin® Metal Clad® LT Guide Spec Click to download  

  • Tech-Talks

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  • Architectural Details

    MTLCLD-1A Wall Foundation Slab Below Grade pdf cad

    MTLCLD-1B Wall Foundation Slab on Grade pdf cad

    MTLCLD-1C Wall Foundation Transition No Brick Ledge pdf cad

    MTLCLD-2A Pipe Penetration 0.5 Inch Wide Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-2B Pipe Penetration 0.75 Inch Wide Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-3A Inside and Outside Corners pdf cad

    MTLCLD-3B Inside and Outside Corners pdf cad

    MTLCLD-4A Substrate Transition pdf cad

    MTLCLD-4B Substrate Transition pdf cad

    MTLCLD-5A Thru-Wall Flashing pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6A-A Flanged Window Section Method A pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6A-B Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method A pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6A1-A Flanged Window Section Method A1 pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6A1-B Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method A1 pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6B-A Non-Flanged Window Section Method B pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6B-B Non-Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method B pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6B1-A Non-Flanged Window Section Method B1 pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6B1-B Non-Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method B1 pdf cad

    MTLCLD-6C Door Frame Section pdf cad

    MTLCLD-7A Reverse-Lap pdf cad

    MTLCLD-8A Construction Joints 0.5-Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-8B Construction Joints 1-Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-8C Construction Joints 2-Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-8D Deflection Joint pdf cad

    MTLCLD-8E Cracks 0.5-Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    MTLCLD-9A Roofing Wrapping Parapet pdf cad

    MTLCLD-9B Air Barrier Transition at Parapet pdf cad

  • LEED Declarations

    Blueskin® Metal Clad® LT LEED Declarations Click to download

  • Health Product Declarations

    Blueskin® Metal Clad® Health Product Declaration Click to download

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