Air-Bloc® 16MR

Low-Temp Liquid Emulsion Vapor Impermeable Air Barrier Membrane

Air-Bloc<sup>®</sup> 16MR

Air-Bloc® 16MR

Fluid Applied Air and Vapor Barrier

Henry® Air-Bloc® 16MR is a fluid applied, vapor impermeable air and water barrier when applied to above-grade wall assemblies. It is single-component, water-based and cures to a tough monolithic rubber-like membrane, which resists air leakage and water penetration. Air-Bloc® 16MR includes an antimicrobial technology to create an integral mold resistant membrane, and offers a broad application temperature range with a proprietary fire resistance technology to achieve compliance with stringent NFPA 285 requirements.


  • Low temperature application 20°F (-6°C) and rising with no additives required
  • Seamless, vapor impermeable elastomeric membrane for above grade walls
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces such as exterior gypsum boards, CMU, concrete, stone, wood and metal
  • Meets highest industry performance standards


  • 5 gallon (18.82 L) pails
  • 55 gallon (205 L) drums

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  • Installation and Technical Literature

    Air-Bloc® 16MR Data Sheet Click to download  

    Air-Bloc® 16MR SDS Sheet Click to download  

    Air-Bloc® 16MR Health Product Declaration Click to download  

  • Tech-Talks

    Henry® Air Barrier Assemblies Meet ASTM E2357 Click to download

    Henry Air Barrier and Waterproofing Membranes Earn Living Building Challenge Declare "Red List Free" Status Click to download

    NFPA 285 Assemblies Click to download

    Fastener penetrations through air barrier membranes Click to download

    Conversion Charts Click to download

    Coatings and Sealants Click to download

    Henry® Living Building Challenge Red List Click to download

  • Specifications

    Air-Bloc® 16MR Spec Sheet Click to download  

  • Architectural Details

    AB16MR-1A Wall Foundation Slab Below Grade pdf cad

    AB16MR-1B Wall Foundation Slab on Grade pdf cad

    AB16MR-1C Wall Foundation Transition No Brick Ledge pdf cad

    AB16MR-2A Pipe Penetration 0.5 Inch Wide Gap Max pdf cad

    AB16MR-2B Pipe Penetration 0.75 Inch Wide Gap Max pdf cad

    AB16MR-3A-1 Inside and Outside Corners pdf cad

    AB16MR-3A-2 Inside and Outside Corners pdf cad

    AB16MR-3B Inside and Outside Corners pdf cad

    AB16MR-3C Typical Soffit pdf cad

    AB16MR-4A Substrate Transition pdf cad

    AB16MR-4B Substrate Transition pdf cad

    AB16MR-4C Substrate Transition pdf cad

    AB16MR-5A Thru-Wall Flashing pdf cad

    AB16MR-6A-A Flanged Window Section Method A pdf cad

    AB16MR-6A-C Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method A pdf cad

    AB16MR-6A1-A Flanged Window Section Method A1 pdf cad

    AB16MR-6A1-C Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method A1 pdf cad

    AB16MR-6B-A Non-Flanged Window Section Method B pdf cad

    AB16MR-6B-C Non-Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method B pdf cad

    AB16MR-6B1-A Non-Flanged Window Section Method B1 pdf cad

    AB16MR-6B1-C Non-Flanged Window Sequence Installation Method B1 pdf cad

    AB16MR-6C Door Frame Section pdf cad

    AB16MR-7A1 Reverse Lap pdf cad

    AB16MR-8A Construction Joints 0.5 Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    AB16MR-8B1 Construction Joints 1 Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    AB16MR-8C1 Construction Joints 2 Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    AB16MR-8DA Deflection Joint pdf cad

    AB16MR-8E Cracks 0.5 Inch Gap Max pdf cad

    AB16MR-9A Roofing Wrapping Parapet pdf cad

    AB16MR-9B Air Barrier Transition at Parapet pdf cad

    AB16MR-TID3A Air-Bloc 16MR transition with Pumadeq System pdf cad

  • LEED Declarations

    Air-Bloc® 16MR LEED Declarations Click to download

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