Prime-Tek GP Primer

Single-component, water based, multi-use acrylic primer

Prime-Tek GP Primer

Prime-Tek GP Primer

Prime-Tek GP Primer is a single-component, water based, multi-use acrylic primer used to prepare substrates for the application of sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF). This material is black in color, can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed, and provides excellent adhesion to various surfaces. This product can be used to “hold,” or temporarily protect, SPF from UV radiation; also known as a “night seal”.

Features and benefits

  • Easily applied with airless spray equipment, a roller, or brush
  • Easy cleanup with water
  • Single-component, low-odor product is easy to use in most applications
  • Dark color promotes quick drying and curing
  • Can help create a warm substrate for SPF, enhancing yield and performance in cooler weather
  • Excellent primer/sealer over many porous substrates, such as wood and concrete
  • Ideal for tie-ins and as a night seal for SPF roofing systems

Sizes available

  • 5 gallon


  • Black

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