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The secret to a high-performance building envelope is skin deep

Energy efficiency. Structural durability. Occupant comfort and health. Today, these are the critical success factors for commercial buildings—and for the architects, specifiers, consultants and contractors who must stand behind them. The key to achieving these goals lies just beneath the surface: a continuous, integrated building envelope system.

The power of integration
A properly designed and installed building envelope is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Effective integration of all components – the waterproofing, air barrier and roofing systems –is critical to achieve a continuous building envelope system. The result is a seamless “skin” that maximizes building performance.

Industry studies reveal that the majority of building problems are caused by uncontrolled air flow, and water penetration. If left unchecked, these can cause high heating and cooling costs, deterioration of building components due to moisture infiltration and condensation, and lead to poor indoor air quality.

Properly integrated Building Envelope Systems® effectively control a host of problems that can otherwise lead to costly repairs and headaches for architects, contractors and owners including:

  • Water intrusion
  • Conditioned air escape
  • Air flow and draft
  • Trapped Water vapor in walls
  • Rain penetration
  • Sunlight and UV radiation damage
  • Noise intrusion

Performance through experience
Maximizing the performance of your building envelope system requires the use of high-quality components engineered and tested to the highest standards. That’s why so many architects and contractors specify and/or install products from Henry Company.

Henry has decades of experience providing innovative air barrier, waterproofing and roofing solutions. That experience translates into fully integrated Building Envelope Systems that deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding applications.

Equally important is our industry-leading building envelope expertise. Henry has the knowledge and the solutions to achieve your goals for energy efficiency, durability and comfort.

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