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November 2019

Off-Site Construction: Becoming more prominent for general contractors, architects and manufacturers

Off-site construction is becoming a building method of choice for commercial architects and general contractors alike, and this growing trend shows no signs of stopping. According to a report by The National Real Estate Investor, over the last five years, the off-site construction business has doubled in size to become an $8 billion industry. It’s evolving into a mainstream process that experts predict could reach $130 billion - in new construction alone - in Europe and the U.S. by 2030.

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October 2019

Choosing the right air barrier system is critical to improved building performance

An air barrier system is one of the critical elements that goes into the overall design and structure of any building. These systems are developed to control airflow between a conditioned space and an unconditioned space. Without them, many challenges can occur with the structure, including building deterioration, construction-related issues, high energy costs, and unnecessary, out-of-pocket maintenance expenses.

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July 2019

Sprayable, quick cure, permanent UV resistance.
Henry® Air-Bloc® All Weather STPE has it all.

Henry® Company recently introduced Henry® Air-Bloc® All Weather STPE™, a new fluid applied vapor permeable air barrier. John Dobson, Senior Vice President, R&D, at Henry answered some customer questions to provide insight on why this innovative membrane was developed―and how it’s a game-changer.

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May 2019

Flexibility: The Game-Changer in Waterproofing Systems

Waterproofing is a fundamental aspect of the controlled environment that is today’s building envelope. It’s a critical consideration not just from roof to foundation, but also within countless diverse penetrations ―large and small―through which water, dampness, humidity can potentially infiltrate the envelope.

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April 2019

Today’s roof is smart for the environment

Green roofs have received a thumbs-up since construction of the mythical Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. As centuries passed, roofs using natural cover surged in popularity when home-builders discovered that coating their roof top with sod could keep their structure cool in summer and warm in winter. And a pioneering early adopter on the commercial side was Rockefeller Center, which installed its roof gardens back in the 1930s.

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