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January 2022

Restoring and waterproofing split-slab roofs without demolition or disruption

The Pumadeq™ Waterproofing System was recently proposed as an alternative solution for a split slab roof assembly atop an iconic mid-century skyscrapers.

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September 2021

The secret to a high-performance building envelope is skin deep

Today, these are the critical success factors for commercial buildings—and for the architects, specifiers, consultants and contractors who must stand behind them. The key to achieving these goals lies just beneath the surface: a continuous, integrated building envelope system.

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July 2021

Commercial air barrier systems – considerations for success

To perform as effectively as possible, a commercial air barrier system has to do several jobs at once. Designing, specifying and installing an air barrier system that meets identified performance characteristics can be a complex challenge. Here are some factors to keep in mind when considering what air barrier system to select.

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June 2021

New Developments for Hurricane-Strength Green Roof Systems

Concerns about wind uplift on green roofing have been a limiting factor for designers and building owners across North America. This is especially true in sensitive coastal watersheds that could most benefit from on-structure stormwater management, but these are also the areas at the highest risk for recurrent hurricanes. Even outside of hurricane zones and green roofing - all roofing projects can be affected by wind, and uplift must be accounted for in every roof design.

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June 2021

Design for the Chapter 15 IBC wind resistance of low-sloped ballasted roof systems with confidence

The goal of ANSI/SPRI RP-4 is relatively simple – it is intended to help architects design and specify low-sloped ballasted roof systems – pavers, aggregate rock, green roofing vegetation, etc. – to meet proper wind resistance requirements. But the standard itself is rather complex, as it comprises a range of building- and project-specific criteria, including building type, building exposure type, building height, parapet height, local wind conditions, and more.

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December 2019

Why is a centuries old building approach gaining momentum now?

According to the National Research Council, off-site construction will advance the competitiveness and productivity of the domestic, commercial construction industry over the next 20 years. As this topic continues to draw national industry attention, Henry® Company spoke to Asher Cleeter, Project Manager at Valley Interior Systems, to gather his insight around the growing demand of off-site construction.

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