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October 2023

National Coatings Product Integration & Consolidation Complete

Henry Company acquired National Coatings Corporation in October 2020. The strategic acquisition of National Coatings reinforced the position of Henry as the leading provider of roof restoration systems that extend the life of single-ply roofs, metal roofs, asphalt-based roof systems, foam roofing, and elastomeric roof coatings. With completion of the acquisition integration, we are excited to carry on the forty-year heritage of National Coatings products under the Henry brand.

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September 2023

Henry Welcomes RoofTite Customers, RoofTite Brand Portfolio Retired

As we continue to work toward making Henry, a Carlisle Company, category leader in liquid-applied roof coating systems designed for professional roofing contractors, we are happy to share that Henry-branded spray foam, silicone, asphalt, mastics, and aluminum products are all available now in the market.

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June 2023

Expert Tips for Effective Waterproofing: Understanding the Role of Risk Assessment

A waterproofing system is crucial to the success and long-term viability of a construction project. It is responsible for protecting a structure from water damage, which can lead to significant problems such as structural damage, mold growth, and equipment failure.

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March 2023

Mixology – how bad accessories make bad air barrier membranes

Oil and water don't mix. This is certainly true when it comes to construction materials. Think about the last time you saw a product fail when value engineering dictated a switch away from the original design.

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February 2023

Here are common air barrier assembly and material tests

A wide range of test standards exist for evaluating building materials and systems. ASTM E779 is a post-application assembly test that will be the “money test” for IRA energy credit deductions. It is the only test that measures whole building energy efficiency.

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January 2023

Tips for a successful air barrier installation

Achieving an airtight whole building requires airtight materials and diligent, continuous installation of them over all six sides of the building. Over the years, the technical team at Henry has identified tips for a continuous air barrier application.

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