Henry® Blueskin® LVC Adhesive

A quick drying, lower VOC, rubber-based adhesive

Henry<sup>®</sup> Blueskin<sup>®</sup> LVC Adhesive

Henry® Blueskin® LVC Adhesive

Henry® Blueskin® LVC Adhesive is a quick drying, lower volatile organic compound (VOC) formulation, rubber-based adhesive designed to enhance the adhesion of self-adhered membranes such as Blueskin SA, Blueskin VP160, Blueskin TWF, Blueskin WP200, Metal Clad® 705FR, CCW-705, CCW-705 TWF, and MiraDRI 860/861. Blueskin® LVC Adhesive can also be used as a bonding adhesive and splicing cement for Henry Neoprene Flashing.


  • Compliant with OTC rules for industrial adhesives and sealants and California South Coast Rule 1168
  • Quick setting, solvent-based chemistry provides consistent installation in many conditions
  • Aggressive tack provides strong adhesion of membrane to substrate
  • Suitable for application at normal and low temperatures
  • Highly visible, signature blue color facilitates inspection and quality control
  • Easily applied with standard painter’s tools


  • 4.5 (17 L) gallon pails

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