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Introducing Henry® 812 RoofSaver™ Clear Sealer – A Low-Cost Solution to Shingle Replacement

For one quarter of the cost of the lowest priced shingles and one tenth of the labor you can extend the life of your roof for up to 5 years.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, June 29, 2020 – Henry® Company, the #1 Choice of Professionals®, has introduced Henry® 812 RoofSaver™ Clear Sealer – a low-cost solution to shingle replacement. RoofSaver™ extends the life of aged shingles and low-sloped mineral surfaced roll roofing by locking in granules and reducing further granule loss. Its 100 percent acrylic technology offers excellent adhesion and is formulated to remain clear over time. RoofSaver™ is also designed for application on clay, concrete and slate roof tiles. It helps repel rain, renew appearance of existing roofing, protect against deterioration caused by the sun, rain, wind, ice and snow, and extend roof service life up to 5 years.

“As a leading provider of innovative roofing solutions, Henry® is dedicated to equipping homeowners with user-friendly products to tackle home improvement projects in a very efficient and economical way,” said Christian Nolte, senior vice president, Marketing and Product Management, Henry® Company. “Our new RoofSaver™ delivers long-lasting results without having to replace any roofing or hire a roofing contractor.”

RoofSaver™ is available in a convenient 1 gallon size container, covers approximately 200 square feet and is easily applied using a single light mist with a typical home garden sprayer, or in a single thin pass with a 1/2” nap roller or soft-bristle brush. It can be purchased exclusively at The Home Depot.

For more information about Henry® 812 RoofSaver™ Clear Sealer, visit henry.com/roofsaver or call 1-800-486-1278.


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For more than 80 years, Henry® has been an innovator in integrating air/vapor barrier, roofing and waterproofing systems and products to ensure superior performance. Today’s Henry® offers Building Envelope Systems® and products for commercial and residential solutions, as well as Roof Restoration Systems and products for commercial, residential and DIY solutions. Visit henry.com for more information.


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