Spray Foam Insulation
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Spray Foam Insulation

PERMAX SPF insulation forms an airtight seal!

spray foam insulation PERMAX™ by Henry is an advanced spray polyurethane foam (SPF) technology offering design professionals, building owners, property managers and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) significant benefits including:

  • Increased thermal performance of roofs and walls
  • Applicability to a variety of OEM applications
  • Sustainability of the building envelope
  • Waterproofing
  • Non CFC, non-ozone depleting technology

Henry offers several types of spray foam insulation for commercial and residential use.  These include:

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Learn more about the benefits of choosing spray foam at whysprayfoam.org.


PERMAX™ for Roofs

Wall spray foam insulationCombining the benefits of additional insulation, waterproofing membrane and energy-saving ‘cool roof’ covering, HENRY 2.5# and 3.0# density roof foams are ideal options for new construction, recovery applications, maintenance and repair.

PERMAX™ for Walls

Wall spray foam insulation Whether used within the stud wall or behind the primary cladding in cavity wall applications, the PERMAX™ family of SPF offers superior thermal performance vs. traditional insulations. Combined with Henry air and water barrier systems, improved performance of the entire Building Envelope is available.

PERMAX™ for OEM Applications

Wall spray foam 
insulation From spa’s to wine tanks to pipe insulation, improved thermal performance is available from a full line of customized insulation options from Henry.

SPF Information for Installers

Learn more about Product Stewardship, Environmental Health and Safety, application equipment, helpful hints and more.

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