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Roof Sealants

When it comes to sealing your roof, turn to products you know you can trust.  Henry roof sealants are the #1 choice of professionals® – and should be your #1 choice as well!

Designed to complement Henry’s complete line of roof repair products, Henry roof sealants provide superior adhesion for roofing, flashing, skylights and more.  They are designed to provide a watertight seal.  And leave you worry-free on whether the job is done right!

Do the job right the first time with professional grade roof sealants.  Turn to Henry for your roofing sealant needs. Select a sealant below to learn which product is right for your application.

HE925 Sealant 900 
Construction and Flashing Sealant 906 Flashmaster PLUS Wet or Dry Elastomeric Flashing Cement
925 BES® Sealant 900 Flashing and Construction Sealant – Gray 906 – FlashMaster® PLUS Wet or Dry Elastomeric Flashing Cement
  • Premium, environmentally friendly moisture cure, medium modulus sealant
  • Termination sealant for self-adhered membranes
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Compatible with Henry air barrier, flashing, roofing and waterproofing membrane components
  • Superior adhesion for roofing, flashing and construction application
  • Most flexible and durable sealant available
  • Paintable
  • Premium quality SBS rubber polymer-modified mastic compound
  • For use on wet or dry surfaces
  • Maximum resistance to weathering while providing easy, all-weather trowel application
209 Elastomeric 208r Rubberized Wet Patch Roof Cement 208 Wet Patch Roof Cement
209 Extreme Wet Patch® Roof Leak Repair 208R® Rubberized Wet Patch® Roof Leak Repair 208® Wet Patch® Roof Leak Repair
  • SEBS rubber modified easy spreading sealant
  • Sealant for areas of roofs subject to movement
  • UV and shrink resistant
  • Superior elasticity and flexibility
  • SBS rubber modified for stronger, more flexible and durable repairs
  • Repair leaks on wet surfaces
  • Adheres under water
  • Suitable for dry surfaces
  • Repair leaks on wet surfaces
  • Adheres under water
  • Suitable for dry surfaces
  • Seals around chimneys, vents skylights, flashing
225F Neoprene Flashing Sealant 212 Crystal Clear Roof Patch 289 White Roof Sealant
225F – Neoprene Flashing Sealant 212 All Purpose Crystal Clear Sealant 289 White Roofing Sealant
  • High elasticity
  • Exceptional tensile strength
  • Forms a rubberized watertight seal
  • Elastomeric sealant
  • Goes on clear and dries clear
  • Stays flexible to prevent cracking
  • Excellent adhesion to variety of construction materials
  • White elastomeric acrylic sealant
  • Use when covering with Cool Roof coatings
  • Use around skylights, roof vents, roof jacks and air conditioners

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