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Roof Membranes

asphalt roofing membranesDriving rain, baking heat, bitter cold and ice build-up are just a few of the characteristics of our climate.  A Henry roofing system and its membranes can survive these damaging elements and provide long term benefits to owners. 

Henry offers two types of roofing membranes – hot rubberized asphalt and modifiedPLUS/SBS Modified Bitumen.  The flexibility of these coatings leads to easy application as well as inexpensive maintenance.

Hot rubberized asphalt

Henry’s time-tested hot rubberized asphalt is designed for use with fiberglass asphalt impregnated ply sheet such as Type IV and Type VI in built-up roofing systems.

modifiedPLUS/SBS Modified Bitumen

Henry modifiedPLUS is an SBS modified bitumen roofing system designed to withstand various elements, while SBS modified bitumen provides many benefits to the applicator and owner.

Self-Adhered Membranes

Henry self-adhered membranes provide a safe, environmentally friendly multi-ply membrane for both contractors and building owners.  And the self-adhering technology provides easy installation with common hand tools, eliminating such items as kettlemen and gravel trucks.

Built-up roofing

Used on both steep and low-slope roofs, Henry’s superior built-up roofing is engineered to protect against rain, wind and other environmental elements.  Consisting of asphalt and fiberglass coated sheets, Henry built-up roofing can be used for either hot- or cold-applied applications.

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