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LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier

Why choose Henry LiquidFoil™?

Considering other energy-saving upgrades to your home?  Choosing Henry LiquidFoil™ provides a less expensive, energy saving solution that can lead to long-term results. Below offers a comprehensive comparison of LiquidFoil™ to sheet-applied, attic insulation and other liquid barriers.

LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier vs. sheet applied or foil radiant barriers

stapleLess expensive
Sheet applied or foil radiant barriers can cost up to 5X more per square foot than LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier.

Faster, easier application
Sheet applied or foil radiant barriers require two people for installation and can take up to 3X as long. LiquidFoil™ requires only one person.

Seamless protection
Unlike sheet applied or foil radiant barriers, LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier provides continuous coverage with no gaps, seams or stops.

No interference with reception
Unlike many sheet applied or foil radiant barriers, LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier will not interfere with cell phone signals or over-the-air antenna reception.

LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier vs. insulation

insulationLess expensive
Insulation can cost up to 6X more than Henry LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier.

Blocks radiant heat
Designed to block airflow, insulation only slows radiant heat down – Henry LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier blocks up to 80% of it. In some cases, applying LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier achieves better results than attic insulation.

Better than insulation upgrades alone
A comprehensive ORNL1 study comfirms that homes with attic air ducts and R-19 insulation in the attic floor will benefit from even greater energy savings with Henry LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier than they would from upgrading the insulation to code levels.

Even better with insulation upgrades
LiquidFoil™ complements a home’s insulation and makes it perform more efficiently. When attic floor insulation is upgraded from R-19 to code levels and LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier is applied, energy savings will be even greater.

LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier vs. other liquid barriers

Lower e-rating than most
LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier has a lower emissivity rating than many other liquid radiant heat barriers.

No mixing required
Unlike many competing liquid radiant heat barriers, there’s no need to worry about mixing Part A with Part B at specified rates, saving time and headaches.

No airborne aluminum powder
LiquidFoil™ eliminates the use of aluminum powder (Part B) that can become airborne.

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